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dallase1 07-08-2007 03:26 PM

Archos 500936 80GB 704 Wifi Portable Media Player
Does anyone have this player?

It seemed to get good reviews but it's also a bit large more like a portable DVD player that does not play DVD discs but does MP3 and other audio files and also does different video file formats.

Anyway how is the software that comes with it? do video file formats have to be converted to a format supported by the player or does it have native supprt for the most common video file formats? If it does have to convert does it take a long time to convert? The Creative ZEN W software takes way to long to convert video file formats many times it seemed to me that it was taking longer to convert the file to the support format then it does to actually watch it, this is not at all acceptable is the 704 Wifi the same way?

2nice 07-21-2007 09:40 PM

Actually you can play DVDs, if you buy the MPEG2 VOB license you can drag the files right from your DVD. There's another to play H.264 videos with AC3 audio. Out of the box it plays WMV and DivX/Xvid. Archos actually is very good with firmware not only to fix bugs but to add new format support, the ones that are free to implement.

klaatu 08-03-2007 03:03 PM

So far all videos I've thrown at it have played fine.

macha88 10-15-2007 08:34 PM

it does some form of games too, if im not mistaken.

tomjennings83 10-15-2007 11:11 PM

i think you can download content from their website

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