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eoniverse 06-25-2007 12:43 PM

Battery vs. AC. What's better?
Does anyone think it damages the Archos port to leave the Archos hooked up all day while viewing movies and listening to music while using the Archos AC Power Dock (vs. the battery)?

This thought is coming from using Gomadic adapters in the past. I had used adapters to power a newly purchased Creative Zen M and an Archos 504. The Creative data port fried (rest of it worked). The Archos locked up and would not unlock (tried everything on both. multiple reset's , reformat, etc....). Creative did this after 5 days using the Gomadic. Archos after 3 days using the same Gomadic with a different tip. Both returned as defective and money refunded (different stores).

But it makes me wonder (if the after market stuff should be avoided and...) if a particular viewing method would make the device less susceptible to power issues

Tobey 06-25-2007 08:10 PM

I leave my MP3 players hooked to an AC adapter all the time. None of them have fried. I'm wondering if that AC adapter is putting out the correct voltage. If you have a multimeter, you should test it to make sure it's putting out 5V before using it any more.

RCM 06-25-2007 08:17 PM

Well besides from the obvious power surges and what not it should be fine if you notice a lot of power fluctuations tho unplug it otherwise it WILL fry

eoniverse 06-25-2007 09:00 PM

I suspect the Gomadic because the location's in question - where I've used the players - have been used for years with some of my older players without an issue. ( A muvo2, zen pmc, and av340). The difference was I used the retail power supplies to keep things charged.

Only tried to 'save a buck' and I did like the 'tip concept' of the Gomadic. Don't have a mult meter to use and for double the cost I went and bought the proper Archos power unit. When I say I will never - ever use Gomadic again... count on it.

So...if that was the problem = solved.

Most of my older players were before MTP and frankly - I liked that better. I did not know if units with MTP were more sensitive in some 'port' way that older units were not. (I know - software vs. hardware. It doesn't make sense - whatever.) And I just needed to get some feedback.

Thanks for the input,

pbasten 06-28-2007 12:42 PM

Hello from Gomadic
eoniverse, I have some answers for you. Please message me directly if you have questions ... first you mentioned about buy gomadic products at two different stores. FYI, the only place Gomadic products are sold is on Gomadic.com, Gomadic on Amazon, or eBay from hitek_guy. So if you didn't buy it from these locations than it wasn't a Gomadic product.

Otherwise I think your not understanding how "chargers" work. I think this will help you understand that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR A GOMADIC "CHARGER" TO OVERCHARGE A DEVICE :) it is physically/technically /electrically impossible. So go ahead and leave it plugged in, here is why ...

I am an Electrical Engineer at Gomadic, this may help you understand what your seeing. First let me explain some terms. Without getting into too much detail people call our products "chargers" when in reality they are "power supplies", this is important for the following reason.

Our products supply clean and quality constant 5V to your mobile device. Inside the your mobile device is a small circuit that looks at the charge level of the internal battery, temperature of the battery, and among other things. This internal circuit is in charge of charging, NOT the Gomadic power supply. It is very important that the external power supply be of good quality and supply enough current (mA) to allow the internal circuit inside your mobile device to do its job. This is where we pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

If you suspect charging problems it can be one of three symptoms:
1 - Faulty Gomadic Charger; if this were the case it ether charge or not, there is no in between. Typically if the LED on the charger is lit the charger is working.
2 - The internal charging circuit is faulty; you would need to contact your mobile device manufacture for this type of problem.
3 - A little more info that may also help. It is very hard to gauge battery levels. It is more complex than most people think. if the battery indicator says 80% it could really be anywhere from 70% to 90% ... see what I mean?

I hope this helps you understand what is going on. I think there was something else that caused your failures that you many not understand. We at Gomadic are here to help. Keep in mind we sell over 100 chargers a DAY! We have been doing so for 5 years now ... we know our way around when it comes to chargers. ;)

Look forward to talking with you. Buy the way, Gomadic is the ONLY seller of Archos chargers that plug directly into the bottom port. We are proud that we often are the first to market, don't confuse this with low quality! :D

Tobey 06-28-2007 02:07 PM

But don't you think it's possible that the adapter is faulty and is putting out a bit too much voltage for the PMU in the DAP to handle; causing the player to freeze? Or do your chargers have a failsafe to prevent that sort of thing? I once had a 12V AC adapter which failed and started putting out 16-18 volts.

eoniverse 06-28-2007 02:46 PM

Tobey: That's my thinking also.

To clarify: The two PMP's were bought from different stores. All the Gomadic parts came from Gomadic. So these were not 'knock off's'.

It may very well have been a coincidence - but I don't want to find out.

pbasten: While I totally respect what you have to share... unless Gomadic where to offer me in writing a guarantee that if my data port frys on one of my new units it will replace it I am not willing to test either new player with another Gomadic device. Not worth the risk or hassle without an iron clad guarantee. And I am not expecting one nor asking you for one. Just trying to convey my level of apprehension going forward.

pbasten 06-28-2007 03:22 PM

"Over-voltage" is VERY different from the term "Over-charge" ... don't confuse the two. If a circuit fails it has a tendency to go to zero volts, not higher. ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt, its rare that a part fails then the power supply puts out a voltage over 9v BUT this is not going to happen. Unless you understand the internal workings of electronics when things fail they tend not over-voltage.

Keep in mind there are many manufacturing standards in place to prevent the release of a manufacture defect. Need not to worry about a "over-voltage" with Gomadic products.

Of course if our charger causes a failure of your mobile device we will repair the mobile device. We can say this with confidence because of the above statement, its not going to happen. :D Keep in mind you would have to send the charger to us and we would test it to see if it could cause a failure. Also this would NOT count if your house was struck by lightning. :rolleyes: In our 5 years of business selling chargers we did have only one case where our charger damaged an iPAQ, we replaced the iPAQ.

Tobey 06-28-2007 04:37 PM

I realize they are different things. I was merely suggesting the problem could be due to extreme voltage fluctuations. You brought up the subject of over-charging--although eoniverse never said that was his problem.

eoniverse 06-28-2007 04:49 PM

Not worth the hassle for the convenience the product does offer(shipping. down time with no player, etc vs. the cost of using oem going forward). In all fairness if these two new PMP's act up I will post here.

My question has been answered and I will leave my units plugged up while playing (using oem parts). I appreciate the additional info.


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