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chrisjs162216 06-19-2007 08:48 PM

FM Radio on European Models
Enabling FM Radio on European Models

Some European players have the FM Radio chip in them, though the European firmware disables it. The only way to see if your Sansa has the FM chip (aside from taking your Sansa apart, or running Rockbox) is to simply try placing the American firmware on the European player. SanDisk has attempted to block changing from the European firmware to the American, although it can be done.

Changing From European Firmware to American
  • Three* files must be placed on the root* of the Sansa: version.sdk, and VERSION.TXT, and the firmware file.
  • Download the zip file containing the two version files - http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum...5&d=1150977587 (Forum Registration Required)
  • Extract both of these files to the root* of your Sansa, along with a copy of the firmware found in the Manual Firmware Download thread (be sure to select the American version)
  • Disconnect your Sansa.
  • Your Sansa should reboot, and once done Refreshing the database, will say it is upgrading the firmware, and will restart. After this restart, your Sansa should be using the American firmware.
  • Look for the Radio icon in the menu.** If, after selecting it, you hear the radio, your Sansa has the radio chip. The antenna is the wire in your headphones. If you do not hear anything, your Sansa does not have a radio chip (moving the antenna will not help).
  • The Sansa does not say it is upgrading the firmware.
    • Make sure you saved the firmware file on to the root of your Sansa, as PP5022.mi4.
    • It is possible that the firmware file was not completely downloaded or copied over. Try repeating the above steps.
  • When trying to listen to the radio, there's no sound.
    • Make sure your headphones are completely plugged in to the Sansa.
    • Try a different station, one that you know works.
    • Your Sansa may not have the radio chip, in which case changing the firmware will not help.

* - The 'root' of the Sansa is considered the top directory. On Windows, this would be F:\ (Replacing F with the drive letter).
** - Some people say that the Radio icon does not appear if the chip isn't detected. I personally do not have the European version of the Sansa, and therefore can not confirm.

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