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dfkt 06-13-2007 08:36 AM

Vibez Cracked Open... (Photos)
So this thing runs on a SigmaTel STMP 3600 series SOC... according to the specs this chip supports MPEG4 ASP, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD/MMC cards, lyrics, Audible... well, it would have been nice seeing some of that stuff inside the Vibez. BTW, it sounds really good, IMO.



kratonator 06-13-2007 04:16 PM

Nice pics dfkt. Maybe someone could get the work started for Rockboxing the Vibez.:rolleyes:

BTW, you forgot to update your signature.:p

dfkt 06-13-2007 04:18 PM

Yes, Rockbox would be very nice on the Trekstor - the firmware could use some basic features that are missing as of now. Especially pan/balance for me, since both my ears sound different.

As far as I know, Sigmatel chips have been used in the 1st gen iPod Shuffle and the Zen V Plus, both of which don't support Rockbox... I gotta look at the tech specs of Rockbox-capable players, if any of those actually use a Sigmatel.

Thanks for the reminder - will update my sig. :)

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