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yuki 05-29-2007 02:33 AM

gigabeat v series, more info
i read the press release a little more to find out some info on this PMP, some of the specs look kinda cool.

here is so more information that seems interesting

the player has an internal digital tuner (no idea if it is terrestrial digital tv or 1seg)

it seems that you can record video from the tuner dircetly on the device

the lcd is a 24 bit model (16.7 million colors)

device can play media play lossless content

the H2C technology works by compensating frequencies starting at the 16khz mark (seems to have 2 mode , professional and dynamic to do this)

sega will release a free game for it on the unit (puyo puyo pop), may be able to install further games

battery life is 28 hours music and 8 hours video

device is mtp locked for media player 11

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