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Drez 05-25-2007 04:12 PM

Need some help deciding
So I have a dilema, I don't know which Gigabeat to buy.
Its between the V and S30, both have an appealing style. I know S would easily fit in my pocket, not to sure about the V tho.
The V, has a bigger screen, it also has amazing battery life. I hear mixed reviews about it tho.
The S, got really good reviews and its more portable.
I believe both offer pretty much the same features not sure.
Either way I'd like to get some feedback from owners or any.
I'd appreciate it!

NickNasty08 06-04-2007 04:14 PM

just got the V recently.

battery life claims are mos def. true
pretty easy to navigate
the video does not suck as bad as people claim

the size is funky-no case avaiable for it
no USB charging

the S comes with an FM tuner and USB charging i believe

i think the difference boils down to what you value-if you're like me and you just wanted a large storage capability for mp3s and long battery life-this is a good bargain, especially as it's being dicounted with the next version out soon

if you like frills and want it to fit in a case, choose the S.

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