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tbullock 03-07-2007 09:30 PM

Linux + Clix + libmtp = success
Since December 06 (last year) I have been the proud owner of an iriver clix. I liked it so much that I purchased one for my girlfriend the next month. However, I was rather disappointed at the time with the level of support for my iriver clix on Linux. Since my operating system of choice is openSUSE and I rarely have a windows computer available I was only rarely able to sync songs and media to my clix.

So for my final year individual engineering design project at the U of C I decided to enhance the libmtp driver library. Working with the other developers (Richard A. Low and Linus Walleij) we were able to fix a number of stability and interface issues with various MTP devices including (to our knowledge) all the iriver MTP devices.

The result is libmtp 0.1.4 which now fully supports the iriver clix (firmware 1.11 and 2.01) and the T10. We suspect the rest of the product line is now working properly as well since they all implement the protocol similarly but we don't have any other iriver device models to test with.

For those of you running opensuse you can add the following repository http://software.opensuse.org/downloa...openSUSE_10.2/ to get the latest version of libmtp along with Amarok 1.4.5 for rather superb mtp support :) If you are running another distribution, you will have to rebuild amarok against the latest version of libmtp since there were a couple of small changes to the sizes of various device structures.

Please enjoy and test responsibly.


hurricanesfan66 12-14-2008 07:30 PM

**Linux Bump**

I am a Ubuntu user. Was running 7.10 and used the Clix with Rhythmbox (playlists) and gnomad for transferring with no problem. Ran into problems through something unrelated, so I had to perform a hard reset. Decided under 8.04 to try Amarok out, to cut the need for two apps. It WORKED! And continues to work.

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