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Guizan 06-15-2011 08:56 PM

400 dollar budget and priorities
Hello everyone. With about a 400 dollar budget I will be getting a new Player and set of IEMs. I REALLY like the J3... But if I can get a S9 (32 gb) for 100 dollars less than the J3 (32) and have an extra 100 dollars to spend on IEM's, is that the way to go? I'd be going from around 120 dollars budget to 220 on phones. That also gives me the choice to get a pair of iems and a pair of over ear phones, or one kick ass set. So basically J3 & 120 iem budget or S9 & 220 iem budget? Forgot to mention, the S9 is used but could easily be considered like new and is in flawless shape. I'm leaning towards the S9... But I can't pull the trigger. I appreciate any and all feedback.

lestatar 06-16-2011 09:22 AM

Welcome to ABi. :)

This is an interesting question. You're wise enough to realize that the benefits of quality IEMs are huge. The S9-J3 comparison is kinda tough on some levels from all I have read and learned.

Maybe go at it this way:
What kind of music do you like? This can shape your IEM choices and quite frankly, there are a ton of excellent sounding IEMs in the 100-150 range, even lower at 75-100.

e.g. If you are a basshead, you may want to look more for dynamic driver IEMs rather than Balanced Armatures.

That kinda thing.

Look here: dfkt is compiling an excellent chart with his impressions of IEMs [he is a devoted basshead, btw]

This thread is also excellent:

But one huge benefit to J3 is the uSDHC card support. How big is your library?

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