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aimran 07-08-2011 12:16 AM

My Samson SR-850 Review
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You all have probably heard of Superlux headphones and the rave reviews they have been receiving. The Samson SR-850 is apparently a clone of the Superlux 668B. These headphones are apparently supposed to give you the best bang for your bucks and compete with $150+ headphones.

I founded the Samson SR-850 for $37 so I decided why not.

Initial Impression

The Samson SR-850 comes in a pretty nice and professional looking box.

Beside that, in the box, there isn't really anything else. The headphones are placed in a plastic bag with the cord zip-tied. There are also warranty card, a manual and advertisements, but that's about it.

Built Quality - 4/5

The built quality of the SR-850 is pretty good although not as good as its $150+ counterparts obviously. Nonetheless, the SR-850 is more than durable enough to withstand everyday abuse. The entire housing of the headphones are made out of lightweight plastic, but it does not feel cheap. The cable is thick and does not tangle at all.

Overall, the built quality is more than satisfying with no qualm for such an inexpensive headphones.

Comfort - 2.5/5

I founded the clamping force on these headphones to be too much. This cause too much pressure and discomfort for long duration. I also founded the earpads to be quite hot and hard. However, the SR-850 has the exact same housing shape as the AKG 240 and the earpads can be replaced with AKG pads which are much more comfortable apparently. I have not replaced the earpads yet, but do plan to do so. Moreover, replacing the stock earpads with the AKG ones not only improve comfort, but also improve sound quality as well according to other users

Sound Quality - 4.5/5

The bottom line is these headphones sound incredible for the price. So far, I have burned in the headphones for about 25 hours, far from the standard 100 hours, but I am already impressed with the sound quality. And this is with the stock earpads, not with the AKG ones that improve the sound even further apparently.

These headphones are very balanced with clear highs, good mids and lows. These headphones are spec at 10Hz to 30,000Hz. In my listening, these headphones do almost reach almost all the spectrum, providing very detail sound.

The headphones sound very good without an amp; however, with an amp, a Fiio E5 in my case, sounds even better. Without an amp, the soundstage was quite good. But with an amp, the soundstage increases, creating a airy, rich sound with lots of depth and detail.

Update: I added some photos of the headphones and its box. Sorry about my unprofessional photography skill. :p

esanthosh 07-08-2011 01:32 AM

Add a few photos, if possible ;)

Is the cable detachable like the 668B? My 668B came with a short cable and a long cable + a storage pouch.

Also, what source did you use?

aimran 07-08-2011 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by esanthosh (Post 562583)
Add a few photos, if possible ;)

Is the cable detachable like the 668B? My 668B came with a short cable and a long cable + a storage pouch.

Also, what source did you use?

Mine didn't come with a detachable cable nor a storage pouch. Strangely enough, it said it supposed to come with a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, but that wasn't in there.

I bought mine from the Amazon Marketplace and it was described as new, but I think it was opened already. But for $37 and free shipping I'm not going to complain.

My two primary sources are the Zune HD and my Thinkpad e420s laptop. I do use the Fiio E5 amp with both though since it improves the headphones even more.

elzafir 10-08-2011 11:54 AM

Just twist the 1/4" jack to MAGICALLY reveal the 3.5mm jack. The adapter is a screw on type, and it comes screwed on.

Agent_milo 12-27-2013 09:15 PM

I hope I'm not seethed upon for necro-ing an old thread, but I just wanted to say that I got myself these cans and I'm loving it! I may add my own review to this site soon, but for now I can say this is the best I've owned so far. Comfort, sound, durability, everything can defined as in it being more than what it claims to be.

If only it looked a little better :/

Oh, and, I won't recommend these to people with large heads.

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