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sergivs 07-03-2012 01:24 AM

Bowers & Wilkins CM1
Hi all,

I've had my eye on these speakers for a while, to use as main speakers in the living room. I was going to put them on bookshelves. I first found them online and then went to a local dealer and they sounded pretty awesome. What makes me hesitate (besides the price) is that they have phase inverters, and the ports are in the back, so they may not sound that great next to the wall. Not sure if they were meant to be used as bookshelf speakers. Some online reviewer mentioned that there are even special foam plugs available for the ports for using next to the wall (maybe even included with the speakers?). I wonder how strongly that affects the bass. Perhaps I'll just go to the dealer again and try it and waste even more time on this.

But if anyone has any thoughts about it, I'd like to hear them.

Also, could anyone recommend a small desktop amp for them? 8 Ohms, 30W+. I have an Audioengine N22, using it with other speakers and it seems to be fine. Can anyone suggest anything else?



Big Sky 07-03-2012 03:47 PM

The Short answer is...No! The may be marketed as bookshelf speakers but to get a great image/soundstage (which this model shines at) the have to be at least a min. of 3ft/1m from the sid wall and a min of 1'/30 cm from the back wall. This all depends on the room you are lisenting them in. Ideally I like at least 1.5m from the back wall. This adds depth to the soundstage even more. I would experiment with set ups.

The foam baffle will reduce you bass but will add clearity if on a bookshelf to the overall sound. If bass is your concern add a sub.

As for a amp I would look into Rotel or a NAD amp these are good matches for this speaker from a low cost perspective. Then again you are looking for a small desktop and my third choices and what you may be looking for is a Onkyo or Yamaha compact amp from Japan.(not usually sold anywhere else)

sergivs 07-03-2012 03:59 PM


Syndrome 07-03-2012 04:25 PM

These speakers sound amazing for their size. My brother has a set and he uses them in terrible positions... lol. He's got them really close to the wall behind him and they still sound good. I know they wont sound absolutely premium but its not like they sound terrible. You should go back to the deal and see if they will let you arrange them differently. You should also ask them if you can demo them at your home for a day.

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