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MrBill 12-01-2017 08:03 AM

Is the Clip+ Sport right for me?
Many years ago I was an "anything but iPod" newbie, so posted a question describing my needs and asking for recommendations. I was told by a number of people that I should get a Sansa Clip Plus. I did this and it was perfect . . . thanks to everyone for your help!

Now my Clip has gone belly-up and I'm looking for a new recommendation, but this time my needs have changed. What I'm looking for is:

- I'd like a player that will shuffle and do a decent job randomizing.

- When this player is turned off, then on again, I'd like it to still be in shuffle mode and on the same song that it ended on during last listening session.

- When the player is turned on, I'd like it to immediately start playing rather than waiting for me to press a button (this is not a critical requirement).

Now for the more interesting stuff:

- I'd like attach the player to my home theater system, I'd guess through an adapter cable connecting the earphone output to the AUX input on my HT receiver.

- Should I be connecting to the HT receiver through the adapter cable as described above or can sound be directed through the USB cable (this would be great)?

- I'd like to be able to set the player to a neutral sound and do the equalization with the HT receiver.

Unfortunately, my HT receiver has no way to directly play music from a flash drive or SD card. But if it did, would the sound through the HT system be as good as if I was listening to a flash drive plugged into the receiver playing the same music?

In digging through player information on Amazon, I'm thinking that the Sansa Clip Sport will meet my needs, am I right? I have 10GB of music so would be looking at the 16GB model.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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