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BruceBanner 04-04-2011 07:02 PM

about the creative ziisound D5...
So i'm hearing generally good things about it, specifically the Apt-x bluetooth feature. My question is it seems to me that in order to utilise this function one most also use either the ipod or usb bluetooth transmitter they supply. I.e. using the built in bluetooth of a mobile phone or Cowon J3 will NOT be getting the APT-X Bluetooth support, this right?

If thats the case is there any way to somehow make a home made adapter so that the usb or ipod transmitter might be afixed to more than just an ipod or computer. They both seem to be just plug and play devices needing no drivers/software etc.

Here they are:



I would love to somehow make a mod so that the tiny usb could be fixed to my sansa fuze xD Can it be done?

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