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  1. Confispect
    10-30-2011 09:16 PM
  2. DevilJIN
    08-26-2010 08:37 PM
    Old man, where are you these days?
  3. dfkt
    11-17-2009 06:07 PM
    Congrats on your 666th post.
  4. anomo
    11-26-2008 06:12 AM
    Don't be sorry! What doesn't kill us simply makes us stranger haha Whenever there has been horrible times in my life I usually change my room around [move my bed, paint it, etc] and then I take a huge step back and remind myself that there is someone in the world worse off than I am! Occasionally I might bitch and moan about my situation for a bit... But then I do remember there are other people besides myself out there

    This semester has been purely probability, and for the minimal amount of lectures I have attended it seems to be fairly straight forward. I'm actually looking forward to stats next semester... I like things that are logical, and that obviously display how they make sense Plus it will come in handy for my 4th year when I'm reading papers to find which is statistically more useful than others...

    Why is it always the youngest one that causes all the trouble?! I'm glad to hear that his insulin has been reigned in, he could have done a lot of damage despite being so young, that would have affected him later on in life. My cousin [a long long term diabetic] is about to lose both of his feet because the bones in then deteriorated so badly he cannot walk on them. Albeit the condition is directly related to diabetics, not all are at risk... However he was told that if he had have managed his diabetes in his teens/early adulthood he would have been much less likely to have developed this condition. He's a lovely guy, takes very good care of himself now, but he has 2 very young kids and a newborn, so its tough. For a guy who played sports for most of his life its just heartbreaking to know he'll lose his feet due to his illness! So you can tell your son that horror story and he might keep his ass in gear. As for school... What can you do?! If he decides to go the same route as Gn then so be it. But if he messes up in school then he'll just be giving himself enough rope to hang himself realistically. At least Gn had a decent schooling! I suppose we're only young once, and if he feels that his time is better wasted in front of a tv screen playing games and not doing school work, then who're you to argue? You have your qualifications, you have a job, he needs to do it for himself, and at the end of the day all you can do is support him in whatever decision he wants to make.

    Medical sales you say? Hmmm, interesting. I plan on doing my honours degree is zoology, but I hope I can do my thesis in something that links microbiology and zoology together. Then my masters will be in god knows what. At this stage I'm feeding myself just fine, and my mom helps by leaving food at home for me But I will find myself in the working world in 3years and at this point, given everything thats happened, I'm not entirely sure what I'll do. I think by then it'd be wise to travel for a while and de-brief from almost 6years of college! I can honestly see myself moving to america, the land of opportunity! I love it there, I've such an affinity to the place, there won't be much here for me in Ireland and as we said, with the economy as it is, in 3years time I doubt there will be much left to stick around for anyway!

    Well on that very depressing note I shall bid you adieu Good to know you're not going to retire just yet, you've still got some life in you
  5. anomo
    11-25-2008 01:20 PM
    Holy crap 'Varky thats a lot to take on board in one message!

    I'm sure I wasn't missed too much Besides I've been kept posted by Ody on msn... But like you said, ABi has been quiet these last few months so I haven't missed much on the boards.

    Tell Gnu47 congrats, and that I'm so proud of him! He'll get his license when the gods of the road find he's safe enough to drive alone I'm so sorry about Mrs.Varky losing her sight at such a young age But the advances in laser surgeries means she'll be fixed and able to see everything _ sooner than you think Give her my best as always! How's the lil'un doing these days? Good I hope. Did things get sorted in school? I hope he's settled down a bit.

    Well I failed my exams in college, it was a massive shock to my little system, but I've had a terrible year what with ending up in hospital at new years, my dads partner taking her own life in July, various family upsets, so to be honest I had half expected to go down in my marks... But failing just never seemed like an option. I've settled down, and I'm repeating my 2nd year. I dropped german and took up stats&probability and I'm repeating Zoology. Its been a very steep learning curve for me the last 6months. I took out a student loan to pay for the year [4.5k thank you very much ] and I've been working my arse off part-time in a clothes store to try to pay it off. All these reasons, and more I'm sure, are why I've disappeared off the boards... So I'm sorry to disappoint but myself and ZC haven't eloped together... I hope she's okay I miss her terribly!

    Given the current economic hoopla I'm glad you're still getting work, even if it does mean staying away from home! Not long left till retirement 'Varky
  6. anomo
    11-21-2008 01:36 PM
    I missed you tons and tons 'Varky =] How's everyone? What've I missed? How's Mrs.Varky?
  7. anomo
    11-21-2008 01:29 PM
    'Varky =D
  8. Awesome Man 990
    09-27-2008 05:38 PM
    Awesome Man 990
    Way to go Aardvark: for using one of the least recognized mammals as your username! Nice work.
  9. WalkGood
    07-26-2008 12:34 PM
    Aardvark dis one for you mon --->
  10. Abhorsen3rd
    05-29-2008 12:30 PM
    Thank you

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