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  1. Confispect
    08-10-2011 12:00 PM
    I always wanted a Zune HD I just hate the fucking software that comes with it. That and Itunes is an annoyance I just like drag and drop. I might get one as a beater player who knows.

    Allright so whats going on with the chick.
  2. Confispect
    08-09-2011 09:46 PM
    Yes small tips have the most treble for my ears the double flange are a bit annoying there's always Sony Hybrids for a bit more refinement and focus. And yes they Isolate quite a bit also some Melletronics mass array tip package's should do the trick. Zune Hd?

    On the gf thing girls come and go.
  3. Confispect
    08-09-2011 12:20 AM
    I popped them in along with a couple other IEMS to get an Impression of what I'm going to let go. These things still impress I think they could use a bit more refinement and detail. The decision between picking or these is very easy. The Para tries to be a detailed slightly airy phone and fails miserably compared to top tier phones. I like the Eterna's though for what they are a brutal man who doesn't care about anybody around him. EQ 7db in the mid-bass region and they will level to work with most if not all genre's. There actually quite fine the way they are if they had some extra refinement they would be perfect. Every single frequency is more noted and present then the Para. If you need some more treble try the small tips that come with them this might just make your jaw drop.

    So what's up with your stinking pile state i've been there a couple times it seems slightly dead. Lots of factory at least where I was at. So what Pony episode you on now?
  4. Confispect
    08-08-2011 04:45 PM
    Cool man enjoy.

    Always good to be surrounded by cool/good people me I'm just relaxing playing games have fun mate. Also you outta find out if there Eterna V1 or V2 slightly different frequency changes.
  5. Confispect
    08-08-2011 11:01 AM
    Ah shame on you well I predict it will grow on you you better not be smoking in Call. Plus Scootaloo is a bit to young for these types of things. And how the fuck are you and the Eterna's doing.
  6. Confispect
    08-05-2011 11:15 PM
    Woah so you like MLP I wanna hear about it! Post -_-
  7. Confispect
    08-04-2011 02:40 PM
    I just posted a cool Miles Davis tracked that i've been repicking up heard it awhile back and branched out into some other things but this is what got me into him/Jazz a bit more.

    And since you said I don't need to listen to Kornball I won't

    Allright so what's up with the Eterna/My Little Ponies?
  8. Confispect
    08-04-2011 10:55 AM
    True I'm not into Jazz either but I recently discovered some super cool laid back "chill" stuff. I played drums as well as acoustic but I mainly focused on keyboard. And yeah you posted right under me in the cover art thread somewhere about you might have to check them out. I'm listening to Relaspe right now and yes it is the shit probably one of his best to date. Not overlooked but serious critics or fans but sense he didn't do concerts and tours it escaped most. When 3A.M came out I was like yeah the old EM is back thruout the whole album he flows smoothly. You check out My Little Ponies?

    I don't listen to much Korn I outta I will today I haven't checked out those songs yet but I will. Also whatcha think about the Eternas? Remember I like them over the Pana's I wonder will you differ or agree.
  9. Confispect
    08-01-2011 12:08 AM
    Nice I'll check em out I also like one or two tracks while the rest remained bland. I listen to all genre's i'm trying to get into Jazz I always hated it but it seems ok. Sax's and such are never played right to my ears we outta trade music. Weird that, the classical thread popped up since that's all i've been listening to. A bunch of chanting stuff also a bit of Indian music drums, flutes, electric guitars. Mostly orchorestra pieces I've even been listening to a bit of Opera, one word annoying. I think the link you posted is a slighty new direction and good to. What ever happened to you checking out Murderdolls. As far as Marshall Matters I liked it alot I remember when I first heard it I was like wtf is this. I had heard everything esle but to get a taste of Relaspe listen to Stay Wide Awake he murders this lyrically his flow is seamless.
  10. Confispect
    08-01-2011 12:02 AM
    As far as talent.....where's the body and heart I guess the singer is half responsible he's not at all engaging. I know all about his type it's cool when done right and by the right person. He is neither. Those songs might change my mind -_-

    I don't quite remember the first episode I think Twilight was just coming to town met Pinkie Shitbrain and the others. When you get time curl up in your gay stockings and santa claus hat and get comfy.

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