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  1. electron
    07-29-2011 04:26 PM
    well, remember you do need insulin, and that cutting out all carbs can be dangerous.
    Because I don't want to be taking a TON of insulin, I'm still limiting my carbs. its not that bad.
    Off topic question, what phone do you have?
  2. steinburger1109
    07-29-2011 01:48 PM
    Ponies it is.

    Really? I don't pay a lot attention to reviews and such, especially rap, but yea, I loved Encore. But, it is pretty much his only album that my metal-head friends who don't really like any rap put up with, so maybe that says something about it...

    And it's not me being "manly" just me not being entertained by the pilot that my friends made me watch. I felt the same way about Breaking Bad, but I forced myself to watch that show, and now I love it. Maybe Ponies will be the same.
  3. steinburger1109
    07-29-2011 09:31 AM
    Oh, so, I've finished Mad Men, and all I have left in my queue to watch is some stoner movies from Silent Bob. You really think I should watch ponies next?
  4. electron
    07-27-2011 11:20 PM
    currently my doctor has me on a carb/insulin ratio, but I still need to be smart about what I eat. why would you be coughing up blood?!

    pink socks and curly shoes? you are the man of men
  5. The DarkSide
    07-27-2011 07:00 PM
    The DarkSide
    He didn't leave yet, and he's trained in MMA - so I think he'll do fine. Besides, he's from the projects in downtown Manhattan - a really screwed up place.

    As for how it is here, it's getting damn HO AGAIN!!! I hate the heat,...but I hate 3 foot blizzards MORE!!!
  6. steinburger1109
    07-27-2011 12:34 PM
    To be honest, I haven't paid attention to him since Encore. When I heard the stuff from Recovery on the radio and such I was disappointed and haven't really paid attention since. I'll have to check out Relapse, though.

    Well, I fuckin' love Nightwish. Symphonic metal FTW. The video's sick, no doubt. Pretty much the only one that I watch more than once...

    I'll check out your thread, don't have much time. Shouldn't be on right now at all. :/ Lul which pony/is it a major role in Thor?
  7. steinburger1109
    07-26-2011 06:47 PM
    Haha good. I loved that whole series.

    Yea, definitely. The radio stations are alright. Play a wide variety, though. I was listening to the metal station, and came on Love that song, though. I'm a rocker/metalhead sort. A good taste of what I listen to would be Trivium, Mastodon, Shinedown, those sorts. I also listen to Eminem, Cypress Hill, Gorillaz.

    Get on that! It's got like, all the big bad guys.
  8. steinburger1109
    07-26-2011 05:56 PM
    Well I already spent a freakin' week uploading my thousands of songs to Google Music beta that I got into because it'd be great to be able to get to it from anyplace I have internet, and I have used it a lot. But it would take me twice as long (or so it appears from the fact that it took 30 secs ti upload one freakin' song!) to get it all on Grooveshark, soo...

    Heh, well, I'm content to wait for my bros to show me new shit to get into. And I browse the interwebz to find stuff I may want and then hop on Zune to listen to it. I'll definitely keep browsing Grooveshark, too. Thanks for showing me.

    Ohhhh you haven't been to HP! They released the new Batman movie's teaser trailer before HP. So yea, even if you don't give a shit about Potter, go see the previews.
  9. The DarkSide
    07-26-2011 03:29 PM
    The DarkSide
    He's gonna need all the luck in the world I guess - he went to live there!!! As for moving, good luck - it's tough out there ATM,...

    As for coming to NY, you'd like it, but watch your wallet - I might have to smack ya' and take all your cash away,...
  10. The DarkSide
    07-26-2011 02:31 PM
    The DarkSide
    My son did graduate, but couldn't find a job - he left to go into the Job Corps,...I hope it works for him.

    As for me, I'm fine,...but the question is how your doing???

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