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A society for all members who hate the lies propagated by so called wannabe "Audiophiles", as we stand together to disprove the myths created and spread by such individuals as best as we can. Strength in Truth!!!
25 1 3 4
04:45 AM
For all those who enjoy e-books, whether on a dedicated reader, pda, phone, whatever
11 2 6 0
11:13 PM
abi members who own the i7
51 3 37 13
08:41 PM
Do you have a craving for gadgets? Sometimes not the gadgets themselves, but the concept of them, or the news you hear. (Because you know you'll never buy them anyways :D ) The thrill of the hunt as you find something you're interested in and go on searching for news, only to find that the only course of action left is to wait. But waiting isn't that bad, because you know that hundreds if not thousands of people are feeling that seem anticipation around the world. And it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, don't it? Knowing that these people, are just like you? And that time you spend waiting is all the less excruciating because you can talk to these people, share your excitement, be it for something new or some treasure or curios you've just dug up from the internet. This group is for you then; the people who love gadgets. Be it cellphones, pdas, mp3 players, speakers, headphones, computers, anything (but ipod of course)! If you love gadgets, then join the group and let us know!
33 1 1 0
09:55 AM
everything sony
34 2 14 0
09:45 AM
this is a group for us lucky J3 owners! who needs those d3s.... xD
14 1 6 1
11:23 AM
For those who own and love their Sansa Fuze+.
3 1 1 0
12:03 AM
Got a Nintendo DS ? share your favorite games
17 1 8 0
10:18 PM
An ABi group dedicated to gear/hardware from the good old days [mostly DAPs/PMPs, but any music reproduction HW is welcome, including headphones, etc]. Since new gear comes out constantly and time waits for no human, "old gear" will be considered gear that is at least 3-5 years old as of the current date. Does that make any sense? <But the older the better> :D
23 2 6 19
06:11 AM
This group is for all the Christians who have found a way to listen to their music, "Outside the apple"..
17 1 1 0
11:43 PM
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