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  1. deadohiosky
    05-21-2011 01:13 PM
    hey, thanks, i guess

    i know, i should stay calm and be mature and ignore such bickering but i just can't help it, if there's an idiot who wants to be oh so clever...

    the problem is, he has somewhat of a point, there isn't much information available and the benefit of doubt should always be a given, but, again... he wanted to sound oh so knowing and be an ass about it and represent it as if the guys where followers of some kind of religious cult that tried to provide him with flyers depicting the end of the world was soon to come...

    ah, whatever. with that kind of attitude, i think he won't survive that long here anyway.

    have a good one

  2. lestatar
    05-21-2011 11:40 AM
    @deadohiosky: just wanted to applaud your comments on that stupid Defrag a J3 drive. That branais guy is a moron indeed - you nailed it right on the head re: his inflammatory writing style. And the fact that other people have read the thread and come to the same conclusion simply does not register in the guy's head. Whatever, man...

    Too bad the reputation system is wiped from ABi - I wanted to "star" your post for sure, even tho that stuff means nothing.

    cheers man,

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