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  1. kasrhp
    02-23-2011 05:19 PM
    Thread is up. Thanks!
  2. dfkt
    02-23-2011 04:11 PM
    Would still be better if you start that thread, so you're the first poster - and I then add the two poll options.
  3. kasrhp
    02-23-2011 02:42 PM
    Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I wanted a poll in abiphone section. Simple, but states:

    ""I was wondering what's more favorable for refresh cycles for phone hardware.

    Do you guys prefer a yearly update cycle like the iPhone, Palm/HP, RIM, and (looking like) WP7? Or are the constant waves of new Android's more appealing?"

    -and simply have two options for the poll:
    1) yearly
    2) keep em coming

  4. dfkt
    02-17-2011 01:16 PM
    Only admins/mods can add a poll to a thread. Tell me where/what you want to add, and I'll do it.
  5. kasrhp
    02-17-2011 01:10 PM
    Saw that you were on, how do you post a poll in a thread?
  6. kasrhp
    08-03-2009 02:55 PM
    Well thanks a lot for your input. Im going to look into getting rid of the o2. I really think it had potential. But, my needs changed, and with the lack of support for it, it just makes me want to go a different way. If I end up with the s9, Ill def let you guys know about it. Thanks again.
  7. kasrhp
    07-30-2009 10:39 AM
    Ok, so I have been debating this for a little while an wanted your opinion. Should I sell my o2 and get an s9? I know how much you dislike the o2, but you have both, and I value your opinions. I dont watch as much video at all as I used to. Im very frustrated with Cowon's response to the o2. I still like it, but feel the s9 would be more superior. Whats your take? Thanks for your input.

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