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  1. Mikerman
    12-30-2016 03:03 PM
    Heard back from The Darkside as to the current situation: a tech. issue, to be fixed by Jan. 3rd. Let's hope so!
  2. Mikerman
    12-30-2016 02:40 PM

    Haven't been able to access this site for a week+ and fear that it has been abandoned or highjacked, or is being taken down. Going to leads to a sign-in page for something called "Zealot," a "Hobby Forum: Card Models, RC Cars, Trains & Railroads."

    The only way I was able to access the site now was by doing a search engine search on a user's name here along with the site's name, clicking on that, and getting the user's page here.

    The forum info. shows just a single posting for the past week+, apart from my own.

    If you or anyone, especially in the site's management, sees this, HELP?!?!?! I have a similar inquiry thread at the Anything Goes sub-forum at the Sandisk forums, (username there: Miikerman).

    This site has been a wonderful site and community. If gone, will be very sad--at the very least, would be nice if it were around to consult. Not many places like it around anymore.

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