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the UltraSuperPowerAwesomeMagnificent Zune120
Zune120 and Senn HD25 on the cold.
Teclast T51 and woodied grados SR60, cocobolo. recabled. 
by myself.
Zune120 and Alessandro MS1 
Mini3 in the middle
Beyer DT1350 - Senn HD25 Vmoda M80 
Zo2 and Clip+
Grado SR80 in custom cocobolo wood cups and recabled- 
by myself.
UE TF10 with clear cable.
Cowon J3 and Sony EX600
V-Moda M80. a great surprise, also good looking bastard. 
with custom plates, guess what game and win a cookie.
Zune120 TF10 
a great sounding combo
Zune120 back

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